An Interview with The Book Whisperer, Donalyn Miller

Yesterday in class we had a wonderful discussion about an interview with Donalyn Miller, the Book Whisperer. Here are the topics we hit.


Her attitude- laid back, not stressed

No problems with administration

No popcorn reading—YES! I have always hated that method

No reward system- reading is its own reward

What about giving books for rewards? –Good idea

Lots of ways to get books

Interest survey 


All children are readers

Trained. Routine

She creates a realistic reading experience


It’s ok to drop a book

Kid focused– creates lifelong readers

She shows her challenges

We also agreed that a fun, comfortable reading area would mock a real life reading experience.


No free time

Recommending books

The system. School vs. learning

Time in class

Time outside of class

Time to conference

Assessment- how do we know they are learning?

I think  Donalyn Miller really knows what she is talking about and her results show it. It would be exciting to see all teachers using her methods. Think about all of the positive reading experiences that would be given to students. 

What is your favorite method that Donalyn Miller uses?


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