Summer Reading

The book I most look forward to reading this summer is Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine.


I found this book at the beginning of the semester on the Top Ten Books featuring Autism Spectrum Disorders by Carrie Cox. I read several books from this list throughout the semester and I am anxious to get started on Mockingbird.

Let the summer reading begin! 


Have you heard of the website GoodReads? I hadn’t heard of this site until starting my Children’s Lit corse. I would say it is like Netflix for books. While you don’t get to read the book on the site you do get to rate the books you have read. The best part of the site is the recommendations it gives you according to the books you have rated. You can also follow authors you enjoy and see their posts, ratings, and discover more books by that author.

So go check it out at


Read Children’s Books Online for Free

we give books

We Give Books is a wonderful site that enables you to read your favorite books online. The website also states, “Some of the same great books you can read online will be donated to our charity partners through your reading efforts.”

I found this website through Pinterest and have loved it ever since. It is a site with a great variety of children’s books. They have some of my favorites such as the Llama Llama books and Skippy Jon Jones. This website also has some cleaver new books such as a remake of the classic Goodnight Moon to Goodnight iPad. The one downside to this website is hat it does not work on the iPad. However, it would be great on a projector screen or a smart board in the classroom or on the computer at night with your own children.

Twitter in the Classroom



Throughout this semester I have been able to use Twitter for one of my elementary education courses. In this class our professor has demonstrate how Twitter is a powerful tool for teachers. In just a few short months we have been able to access all kinds of professional development knowledge from an unlimited number of sources. All semester I have been wishing it would be a requirement for all of college courses. I have found it a quick and easy way to pass on information to fellow educators.

I have also been reading some articles about how to implement using twitter in an elementary classroom.  This is the link to my favorite article about simple ways to use twitter in the classroom.

How are you using social media for professional development or in your classroom? What are your thoughts on it?